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Canopy Bolts:

A few notes about them.
        - thread is 6mm x 1.0
        - fasteners clipped to the body are called 'extruded u nuts' or 'fold over nuts'
        - Geno makes the u nuts. The part number is 8-12575 (2 pak).
        - Regular 6mm x 1.0 bolts will work fine.

Recalibrate Electronic Speedo:

To adjust the Speedometer and odometer on the late model Bronco.  (Note: The module can only be reprogrammed six times.)

First, get the tire revolution per mile. Then multiply that by 108 and divide by 8000. This end figure is your CONVERSION CONSTANT.
    AKA:  136.1347721231/(Rolling radius of tire) = CONVERSION CONSTANT
    EX: 16" rolling radius= 8.5084231  CONVERSION CONSTANT

Locate the dealer mode programming enable single-terminal connector. The connector is located at the bottom of the instrument panel below the center of the glove box. On all vehicles, the dealer mode enable wire is Circuit 567(LB/Y).

Insert a jumper wire or alligator clip in service wire and clip other end to vehicle ground with the key in the OFF postition.

Turn key to RUN while holding down the trip odometer RESET button on the speedometer.  Release RESET button.

The Speedometer will prove out(sweep across dial and back). The English/Metric and revision levels will be displayed. The last number of the display id the dealer mode lockout count. This count shows the number of allowable conversion constant changes remaining. When the count is zero (0), no additional changes can be made to this instrument cluster. If a revision is required a service instrument cluster must be ordered.

Press and release RESET button again and PSOM conversion constant without the decimal point will be displayed followed by the word CAL.

Press and release the odometer SELECT button as many times as necessary to change the conversion constant to the correct value.

Note:  Pressing and releasing the RESET button to lock in the new conversion constant reduces the number of times the PSOM can be reprogrammed by one count. If you change your mind and want to go back to the old conversion constant, turn the key OFF  BEFORE you lock in the new constant.

When the new correct value is displayed in the odometer window, press and release the RESET button to lock in the new conversion constant.

Turn the key OFF and disconnect the ground wire and check to see that the speedo works correctly.

Sensors for a 302:

As far as engine mounted stuff, you have:
    TPS  - Throttle Position Sensor (mounted underneath the throttle body)
    ACT - Air Charge Temp. Sensor (screwed into the middle drivers side of the intake)
    ECT - Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (screwed into the water neck going to the heater)
    EGP - EGR Position Sensor (bolted to the top of the EGR valve)

Then you also have twelve actuators:
    8 Fuel Injectors
    ISC- Idle Speed Control (bolted to the side of the throttle body)
    TAB solenoid- (mounted next to the coil)
    TAD solenoid- (mounted next to the coil)
    EGR solenoid- (mounted in front of the coil)

To round things out you have:
    TFI module (mounted to the distributor)
    PSPS- Power Steering Pressure Switch (screwed inot the high pressure port of the PS pump)
    MAP- Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (bolted to firewall inboard of the AC "box")
    EEC relay (mounted behind the airbox)
    Fuel Pump relay (mounted behind the airbox)

If you are looking to replace some or all of these, check your SVO catalog, as they have sensor "kits" that come with most everything together, and are likely much
cheaper than buying everything individually from Ford.


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