York Compressor Install

I finally got around to installing the York compressor for my OBA.

Sanden OBA set-up

Sanden removed, factory bracket
notched to clear the York.

Sleeves welded to the factory bracket.

Mounting bracket for the York (top).

Mounting bracket for the York (bottom).

Quick shot of paint on bare surfaces.

Bracket mounted to compressor.

York mounted and hooked up.

York mounted and hooked up.

When I first hooked up the Sanden compressor for OBA, I did a timed tire inflation. With the engine at 1800 rpm, it took the Sanden
70 seconds to fill a 35" tire from 16 psi to 32 psi. With the York, engine at idle (750 rpm) the same fill up took 50 seconds.

The oiler that the Sanden required is now removed from my OBA sytem, as the York is self oiling.

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Last updated on April 15/2006

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