I had been pondering on a snorkel for some time, but after a fellow Bronco owner in the US found out that Safari Snorkel #SS395HF for
the Land Rover Discovery II's fits the contour of the Bronco almost perfectly, my problems were solved. The install is fairly straight
forward, but allow for some time, as the templates that come with the snorkel aren't for the Bronco. Take your time and double check all your
measurements before cutting. I still have to plumb it in, but that will have to wait until time permits.

Cutting and drilling the holes was fun.

Inner fender.

Pillar bracket.

Done. Still have to plumb it.

UPDATE (September '06)

Well, it's been over three years and I still haven't plumbed in the snorkel.....until now!

First I removed the airbox. Then I ground off the three
short tabs that the factory hose "locked" onto.

Here is the bottom view of the airbox.

I was going to grind the large one off, but didn't feel it was necessary.

Now the airbox was re-installed.

To join the airbox to the snorkel, I used 3" PVC tubing. Here are the parts that I used:

3" pipe coupling.

90 degree elbow.

About 5.5" of pipe.

Another 90 degree elbow.

Another 3" pipe coupling.

Some ABS cement to join it all together.

Here are most of the components ready to go.

All cemented together.

This is part of the factory intake This tube was mounted next to the radiator.

I cut off about 3.5".

The couplers I used above had a flexible rubber insert, which I bonded to the rectangular end
of the air intake tube with this stuff. I wanted to use Urethane, but couldn't find any locally.

The rubber and the tube that are about to become one.

After 24 hours; I also put a bead of black RTV silicone on the outer edge.

Test fit. Good to go!

From here I spent a few hours re-working the bracket that holds my breather filters and OBA oil separator

All done.

All done.

All done.

All done.

All done.

All done.

UPDATE (September '07)

After 4 years of abuse, the grille is finally had it.

Not much left compaired to the new one.

I put some screen material behind it as I was
getting a lot of large debris in the airbox.

You can hardly even see it without the flash of the camera.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

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