"The End"

Well, the day has finally come. After finding the lack of stucture in the B pillars, I realized that the Bronco was done for. With all the issues
she has, it is time to move on. I recently bought another truck, so the Bronco has to go. The following pages will contain pictures of Blue
being torn down to a pile of parts. Some parts will go on the new rig, some will get sold and the rest will go to the junk yard.

Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7 / Day 8 / Day 9 / Day 10

Removed the door panels to get the speakers and tweeters.

All kinds of stuff missing.

My temporary storage.

Batteries removed.

Auxillary fuse box removed.

The first bucket of parts.

May 16

Spent a few hours today pulling wiring, and removed the cluster, center console, cruise control and auxillary fuse block.

May 23

No pictures, but got a few more hours in; removed the headlight switch and harness, wiper switch and delay harness, steering wheel,
snorkel, OBA manifold, horn, washer resevoir and bracket, coolant overflow tank, hand throttle, and lots more wiring.

June 6

Found a buyer for the transmission, so removed it, along with the transfercase and driveshafts. My floor jack
failed me big time, but my budy Doug that was helping me improvised with an extra bottle jack. It wasn't pretty,
but it got the job done. Wanted to keep "removing" stuff, but the rain came in so I called it a day.

July 3

Sold the doors and a few dash pieces, so Blue finally hit the "ghetto" stage.


July 18

I found a buyer for a bunch of the Bronco's parts in as "as is" state, so the race is on to remove the parts
that I need to keep and get Blue ready for a road trip..... er..... tow truck ride to her new home.

Removed the front and rear bumpers.

The building pile of small parts inside Blue.

I sold the summer topper last weekend, so I spent some time
re-organizing my storage area. It was due for a cleaning anyways.

August 3

Spent a few hours pulling more parts: york compressor, 3g alternator, a bunch of wiring and air hose, rock lights,
air horn, winch controller, Rancho compressor, battery quick connect, and a few other odds 'n ends.

August 4

Got in a few hours after work to get a few more parts removed: tailgate trim panel, exhaust and OBA tank.

August 5

The last day of parts removal; saginaw p/s pump, cooler, and auxillary solenoid. The rear
axle will come out after the truck is moved to her new home, so I'm done for now.



August 8

The new owner sent his guy to pick up Blue tonight. I didn't have time to grab my camera, so iPhone pictures will have to do.


Good bye old girl.

I had barely finished sweeping the driveway before
Clifford forced his way in to his new parking spot.

And that's it!

I'll go and get the rear axle, tires, wheels and shocks soon, but that's all I wrote for old Blue.

This is the end of an era.

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