March 2009, won FSB's FOTM contest:

I've participated in the FSB (FullSizeBronco) FOTM (Fullsize of the Month) a few times over the years, but got beat out by the other sweet
Bronco's that are out there. Well, I finally won! It was an honour to win, and hats off to all the other participants. It was a good race.


Vote for April 09 FOTM!!!!  - Thread on FSB

Congrats to Bronco Boy for winning April 2009 FOTM!!! - Thread on FSB

June 2008, 4Wheel & Off-Road's "Reader's Rides", page 18:


March 2008, Off-Road Magazine's "Off-Road Rides", page 19:


April 2007, BC4x4's "Covershot":

March 2007 (Issue 26), Bronco Driver Magazine's "On The Trail", page 53:


March 2007, BC4x4's "Doh 2007":

2004 or 2005, hand throttle article in Bronco Driver Magazine's tech articles. I just have to find a copy.


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