Center Console

This was in my Bronco, so it will need to change colours and be modified before going in the F-250.

Test fit #1.

The front of the console will need to be tweaked a little.

A notch is needed to clear the transfercase boot.

Transfercase lever will clear.




Vinyl peeled back and first cut lines marked.

Test fit #2.

Front fits pretty good now.

Transfercase boot clears.

Subwoofer enclosure causing console to sit to high.

This was a spacer for the Bronco that was on the bottom of the
subwoofer enclosure. Once removed it clears in the F-250.

SEM vinyl/carpet/plastic paint.



Subwoofer enclosure painted. I also painted the silver trim on the woofer.

Console painted.


Console installed and fitting nicely.

The paint made things that much tighter, and I broke one of the cup holders.

Bolted down.

Gauge panel made up. Waiting to find a matching power outlet for the third (middle) hole.

Gauge panel wired up. As you can see, I couldn't find a matching power outlet.

Tried to keep it as tidy as I could.

Wiring schematic.

Found some crazy glue and repaired the broken cup holder.

Wiring going to the auxillary fuse block mounted to the right kick panel.

Power wire and voltmeter wire coming out of firewall by the blower motor.

Wiring cleaned up.

Power wire run to hot side of starter solenoid.

The previous owner had tapped into the wiper circuit for an ignition source for the brake
controller. I removed the controller, so used the connection for the voltmeter power.

All done.

After the first wheeling trip, I found that the cup holders on the left side get in the way of the shifter. A regular
pop can or small cup would be fine, but my travel mug is just to tall. Good thing I have cup holders to spare.

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