Tonneau Cover

I never took any pictures when I installed the tonneau cover last year, but here are
two "distance" pics some time after. The cover is an Extang Trifecta #44515.

September 24/11

Removed the cover to install some ProCap #PCF8 plastic bed caps and #PCBHP1 bulkhead cap.

Tonneau cover re-installed.

October 29/11

UWS tool box #TBSD-69-BLK sitting in place.

The deep box will provide lots of storage for all the
"stuff" that I like to carry around on the trail.

A little taller than I'd like, but I'll learn to live with it.

I ran out of time today, but once I get the box mounted, I'll take some measurements for the
custom length Truxedo Lo-Pro tonneau cover that is to replace the old tonneau cover.

November 5/11

One bolt per side.

The weatherstipping is hardly noticeable once the box is bolted down.

I need to get some thicker weatherstrip, possibly some
bulb seal to seal up the front of the box to the bulkhead.

August 25/13

Picked up a Truxedo battery operated led light to put in the tool box.....


Installed, power off.

Installed, power on.

  Not the brightest, but there is enought light to see what is going on.

It even casts a little light into the bed.

September 1/13

Decided that this weekend I would finally install the tonnneau cover that I got over a year ago.....

Picked up some Truxedo #1703206 tailgate seal to most of the dust out.

Remove these two factory plastic pieces.

They are held on with plastic push-pins.

Brake-clean to prep the areas that need to be clean.

Surfaces clean and ready for install.

Tailgate seal in position.

This shows where the side pieces need to sit to be effective.

And showing the lower tailgate piece; it could be up a little bit.

I decided to trim the lower lip off of the tailgate cover; it was pushing on the tailgate seal.

The new Truxedo "custom" Lo-Pro tonneau cover.

Side rails in place.

I thought I may have measured wrong when I ordered the cover, and was prepared to
make a metal "L" to compensate, but it worked out in the end.

Cover assembly installed.

Test fit complete.

Side profile.

Adjustments made and cover closed.

All done.

Close-up of the front header seal.

Left  sdie: the strap may get annoying.

Right side; this strap won't annoy me as I never use that side.

Looking up the righ rail.

Side shot of the tailgate.

The final product.


If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

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