September 12/2010 @ Harrison West

  In Attendance:

Chris - Ford F-250 (red)
Indir - Ford Explorer (beige)

It has been over two years since I've gone wheeling (as a driver), so I decided to take my new to me, totally stock, shiny red truck out for
his maiden wheeling trip. This was a low-key run, and we didn't even lock in the hubs. We ended up driving up the West side of Harrison,
then continued on to Pemberton. It was a long day, but good to stretch our legs and take in the scenery.

Trip Length:
450 km
Trip Time:
13.5 hrs

I can't seem to figure out how to get the GPS track off my iPhone, so I just
took a picture of it; I stopped the GPS log when we got to Squamish.

Lunch by the lake.

Windy, cloudy, rainy and warm lake water; what more could one ask for.

Indir got a picture of a rare Blue Samsquanch checking out my truck.

We came across these two dogs along the Lillooet FSR.

Looking West along the Tenas Lake Bridge, with Gunsight Peak in the background.


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