ABS Harness

  May 7 2017

When I had my cv shafts replaced early last year, I had the shop check for ABS codes, as the ABS and TRAC light were on and the ABS was freaking out. There was a code for the left front, and being that
wiring harness is a commn problem, I ordered up a new plug/harness.....

I went with a Pico #5608-11.

I tried to install thiis harness many months ago, only to find the plug to be WAY to small. I ordered up the Dorman version.....

Dorman #970-047.

Not sure how Pico claims this will fit.

I cut the harness back a few feet; about 6-8" from the front crossmember. I also had to drill the holes for the retaing clips a bit bigger. My ABS and TRAC lights are now off.

May 5/2018

For as long as I've owned this car, the ABS would randomly cycle for a second or two, and the "low trac" light would go on/off just as quick. I also noted that this happened at very
low speeds, and with the wheels turned close to full lock. Being that I changed the left front plug and harness, I figured the right front was the problem. I got another Dorman
#970-047 and tossed it in.


It look like this harness may have been replaced or repaired before.

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