Front Bumper Removal

I had to remove the front bumper cover to do a repair, and found very little info on the topic. I took what info I did have and went for it. I was a little
nervous at first, but found that the cover comes off very easily after removing the 21 fasteners. Here is how to do it.....

  Remove the headlight assemblies.
  Un-plug the fog lights.
  On the bottom center of the bumper, remove the six plastic rivets.
  On the bottom, by the wheel-well, remove the two 7mm screws.
  On the front side of the wheel-well, remove the three phillips screws that attach the inner fender to the bumper.
  Push the liner back and remove the "hidden" 10mm bolt that holds the bumper to the fender.
  On the top center, remove the two plastic rivets, and single 8mm screw.
  Slide the bumper forward to remove.

Bumper cover removed.


The center mount is an 8mm screw. The outer mounts are plastic rivets.

The top hole is the "hidden" 10mm bolt. The lower "U" shaped part slides into a tab on the fender.

Six plastic rivets on the lower part of the bumper.

7mm screw on the lower corners of the bumper.

Close-up of the car without the bumper cover on.

This is where the "hidden" 10mm bolt goes into the fender.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

Last updated on September 1/2012

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