K&N Cold Air Intake

Found a used K&N Performance Intake on GrandPrixForums.net.
K&N #57-3045 Install Instructions
K&N #57-3045 Dyno Specs

July 9/2016

The donor vehicle.

August 2/2016

Postman brought me a present. Missing a few pieces, which the seller is getting me.

August 18/2016

Getting the missing pieces has been brutal. Click here to see the communication (and lack there off) with the seller. Hoping to have the parts soon.

August 26/2016

Finally got a parcel from the seller.....

The box was rather small for what parts I was waiting for.

As suspected, no processor bracket, just the small bracket. I did ask for the nuts and bolts, not just
two bolts and two washers. But I did get a few chunks of gravel, so that's a bonus.

September 1/2016

Got a line on another used CAI locally. This first kit will either be for spare parts or I might order the parts needed and sell it.

September 3/2016

CAI kit #2. This one is complete except for a few nuts and bolts.

September 10/2016

The dirty filter.

Let the cleaner soak for 30 minutes, rinsed clean, then let dry over-night.

September 12/2016

The old.

Figured I'd record this info while it was exposed.


September 27/2016

Got the parts for the first kit. Now to try and sell it.

October 13/2016

Sold the first kit. Now to pack it up for shipping.....



March 17/2018

The old filter is in need of a cleaning, so I opted to buy a second filter. Will get it installed soon.

March 31/2018

Old and dirty, new and clean.

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