January 7/2014

Got this on e-Bay for $20.

January 19/2014

Test mount to the bottom of my radar detector.

February 18/2014

Barely a month of use and the power cable needs repair
from being plugged/unplugged several times per day.

A quick solder repair.

June 22/2014

For the mount, I cut down a GoPro camera mount and used plastic epoxy to bond it to the bottom of my radar detector.

  4 months of use and all is well. I finally ran the wire up into the headliner and
down the passenger b-pillar. I still have to hardwire to the fusebox.

July 21/2014

Picked up a fuse tap and cig lighter adapter for the hard wire. To bad stupid me bought a regular size
fuse tap, not a mini fuse tap. Project back on hold.


July 22/2014

Got the correct parts and finished the hardwire.....

Fuse tap hooked up to the sunfoof circuit (I don't have a sunroof).

Finally the install is complete.

October 6/2014

I've been on the look-out for a better camera for quite a while. I finally bit the bullet and got a "Mini 0803" with GPS and 16gb internal memory.


October 7/2014

The base mounted up behind the right side of the  rear view mirror.

The camera attached.

This is what you see from the middle of the car.

A bad picture showing how you can barely see the camera.

Camera Settings:
Resolution:  1920x1080 30P 16:9
AE Meter Mode:
LDWS Detect:
LDWS Calibration:
White Balance:
1 min
Motion Detect:
Time Setup:
Auto Power Off:
5 min
Power Off Screen:
1 min
Driver Number:
G-Sensor Sensitive:
G-Sensor Calibration:
Default Setting:
Choose Card:
Inner Card
Software Version:
FW20140822 V1.0

GPS UTC Offset
Pacific Time Zone, -08
Mountain Time Zone, -07

February 2015: zone -08
May 1/2015: zone -07

May 1/2015

Picked up a 32GB card for the camera ($19.99 @ Costco).

March 14/2018

A new camera is on the way that can take up to a 128GB memory
card. I picked up this 64GB card ($23.99 @ Costco).

March 17/2018

The old camera was intermittently not working, so I did some research and decided to get a "Mini 0806".

Mini 0806 User Guide.



Camera and GPS base.

GPS base.

Old camera mount removed.

Mount new base and move power cable; easy install.

October 10/2018

A few months ago, one of the memory cards fell inside the camera while I was inserting it. Then, a few weeks ago,
I had the camera in the house to download some data. One of the memory cards fell inside the camera. I now have
2 memory cards rattling around inside the camera; the cards are worth more than the camera. I bought 2 new 64GB
cards, so to prevent loosing them, I put some scotch tape on them before going into the camera. I then wrapped an
elastic band around the camera to keep things tidy.

  Got this from Costco.

  Tape on cards.

  Wrapped up.

July 15/2019

New car, new camera, and I want my memory cards back. Bye-bye Mini 0806.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

Last updated on July 15/2019

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