January 7/2014

Got this on e-Bay for $20.

January 19/2014

Test mount to the bottom of my radar detector.

February 18/2014

Barely a month of use and the power cable needs repair
from being plugged/unplugged several times per day.

A quick solder repair.

June 22/2014

For the mount, I cut down a GoPro camera mount and used plastic epoxy to bond it to the bottom of my radar detector.

  4 months of use and all is well. I finally ran the wire up into the headliner and
down the passenger b-pillar. I still have to hardwire to the fusebox.

July 21/2014

Picked up a fuse tap and cig lighter adapter for the hard wire. To bad stupid me bought a regular size
fuse tap, not a mini fuse tap. Project back on hold.


July 22/2014

Got the correct parts and finished the hardwire.....

Fuse tap hooked up to the sunfoof circuit (I don't have a sunroof).

Finally the install is complete.

October 6/2014

I've been on the look-out for a better camera for quite a while. I finally bit the bullet and got a "Mini 0803" with GPS and 16gb internal memory.


October 7/2014

The base mounted up behind the right side of the  rear view mirror.

The camera attached.

This is what you see from the middle of the car.

A bad picture showing how you can barely see the camera.

Camera Settings:
Resolution:  1920x1080 30P 16:9
AE Meter Mode:
LDWS Detect:
LDWS Calibration:
White Balance:
1 min
Motion Detect:
Time Setup:
Auto Power Off:
5 min
Power Off Screen:
1 min
Driver Number:
G-Sensor Sensitive:
G-Sensor Calibration:
Default Setting:
Choose Card:
Inner Card
Software Version:
FW20140822 V1.0

GPS UTC Offset
Pacific Time Zone, -08
Mountain Time Zone, -07

February 2015: zone -08
May 1/2015: zone -07

May 1/2015

Picked up a 32GB card for the camera ($19.99 @ Costco).

March 14/2018

A new camera is on the way that can take up to a 128GB memory
card. I picked up this 64GB card ($23.99 @ Costco).

March 17/2018

The old camera was intermittently not working, so I did some research and decided to get a "Mini 0806".

Mini 0806 User Guide.



Camera and GPS base.

GPS base.

Old camera mount removed.

Mount new base and move power cable; easy install.

October 10/2018

A few months ago, one of the memory cards fell inside the camera while I was inserting it. Then, a few weeks ago,
I had the camera in the house to download some data. One of the memory cards fell inside the camera. I now have
2 memory cards rattling around inside the camera; the cards are worth more than the camera. I bought 2 new 64GB
cards, so to prevent loosing them, I put some scotch tape on them before going into the camera. I then wrapped an
elastic band around the camera to keep things tidy.

  Got this from Costco.

  Tape on cards.

  Wrapped up.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

Last updated on October 14/2018

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