Fogs Lights On With Hi Beams

The factory wiring on the Grand Prix's disable's the fog light circuit when the hi beam circuit is activated. This is not
very desirable when you want to keep as much light on the road as you can. Here is how to change the circuit.....

Remove relay #17 from the underhood fuse panel. Bend terminal #85 and attach a piece of wire to it.

Re-install relay #17. Remove relay #11 and attach the other end of the wire to terminal #86 and re-install.

Low beams with fog lights.

Hi beams with fog lights.

Now you have to modify the fog light switch, as the "on" light will still go off when you turn on the hi beams.

Unsolder the orange bulb from the hi beam +/- terminal and solder it to the red bulb - terminal.

I got the info on this fix from the SCACGP: Fog Lights With High Beams Project

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Last updated on August 13/2011

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