Fog Light Spacer

  April 24 2017

I want to try and push the fog lights forward an inch or so, so here is a proto-type spacer to see how things work.....

M6.0 x 3/16"
nut, extension
M6.0 x 7/8"
rod, threaded
M6.0 x 1"
9/16" (x2 = 1 1/8")

1 1/8" total length assembled

1 3/4" total length un-assembled

Fog light bracket and the hardware.

One inch of extension.


I had some foam laying around, so opted to try it for this project.

April 30, 2017

I couldn't find any M6.0 bolts long enough, so I used a die and chased it the rest of the way.


The more wyou work with the foam, the worse it gets.


Before installing the spacers.

After installing the spacers.

I now have a few ideas on how to make it better. Stay tuned.......

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

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