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I had a Carcomm CMIC-103 that I got from Kuda USA that was in my last vehicle. It is one of the best phone mount's I've used, so I
decided to keep it and install it in the Grand Prix. The catch was that the mount was designed to use RCA connectors, which now that I
had a new head unit, wouldn't work for me. I took the mount apart and swapped the RCA cable for a regular iPhone cable. I then made
a bracket so the cradle would sit where I wanted it in the car. The bracket is just a prototype, but it works so well that I don't need to rush
into tweaking it and making another one. In the future, I want the mount to attach to the dash, behind the trim ring, giving it a cleaner look.

March 27,2011

For some reason I like my phone in this position.

The bracket I made is attached to the trim panel with two sided tape.

The mount rotates 360*, so you can view the iPhone screen however I like.

It may not be the prettiest from this view, but it works. The cable is tucked into the groove between the
dash and the trim panel, which allows you to pull out some slack if you decide to rotate the screen.

July 12, 2015

Got a new phone recently (iPhone 5S), so had to replace the cradle. I decided to go with one that could
be used with a case or sleeve on the phone. I got the "Fix 2 Car" #60251 from Kuda USA.

April 29, 2018

I broke the phone mount. I will attempt to repair it as I can't fine anybody that sells these anymore.

iPhone 5 mount.

iPhone 6 mount.

The iPhone 6 mount works for my iPhone 5 in a Thule case.

May 31, 2018

Bought a new mount. These are hard to find; this one came from the UK.

This is all I need.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

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