Washer Pump

November 20/2010

My washer pump decided to stop working the other day, so I picked up a new one and did some research on the best
way to change it. Most said to go through the inner fender, but somebody said that you could do it by removing the
headlight. Well, I tried the headlight way, but I could barely get my arm down to where the pump sits in the resevoir,
and I couldn't see what was going on. Here is how to do it via the inner fender, without removing the tire.

Turn the wheel to the left.

Remove all the screws holding the inner fender in place:
(6) phillips head screws, (1) 10mm nut and (3) 7mm hex head screws.

Turn the wheels to the right.

Remove the inner fender.

Now you can get at the washer resevoir and pump.

New pump ready to be installed.

New pump installed and tested.

August 26/17

The washer pump stopped working a few weeks ago, so here we go replacing it again.....

Trico #11-513.

I had to jack the car up a bit, as the car wasn't lowered the last time; there wasn't enough clearance to get the inner liner out.

Installed and tested.

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