Wiper Module

For the past few years, my wipers would randomly stop working when in "intermittent" mode. To get them working, I would have to turn them to low
speed, then they would work for a random amount of time. Lately, I have to turn them to hi-speed to get the to work. I bought a new wiper pulse
board a while back, and finally got some time to get it installed.




Here is a video on how to do this job:
How To Installl Wiper Motor, 2000-2005 Chevy/Monte Carlo/Impala

Remove the wipers, cowel cover and weather strip. I have the two piece cowel,
and was able to remove the one cowel clip and lift the cowel to access the one bolt.

Remove the cover over the wiper motor, them remove the motor assembly.

Wiper motor assembly.

Wiper pulse board; remove the 3 T30 torx head screws.

Board removed.

New board.

New boardvs old board.

New board installed.

Ready to go back in the car.

April 2/2018

It got really cold last night. Woke up to frost, but apparently it was more ice than frost. Turned the wipers on, hear a "bang", no wipers. Being that I had
to get to work, I dried the windshield with some towels, and got on my way. I tried turning the wipers on several times, but they didn't move. When I got
to work, I shut the car off, then tried te wipers one last time. They didn't move, but I could hear the motor working. Nice. That "bang" must have been
the linkage arm popping out of place. Rain was in the forecast, so I scrounged up some tools and took a "smoke break". After fighting to get the wiper
arms off, I found the main linkage arm floating around. I snapped it back on and re-assembled everything. I did have this linkage disconnected the other
day, so I'm hoping I just didn't put it back together properly and it won't become a problem.

Main linkage popped off.

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