July 16/2019

Took the car in for a wheel alignment after putting on new tires. The shop called me a few hours later, so I went back and they showed me this.....

Left rear; lateral arm to subframe. Appears to have been this way for quite some time, and the pre-purchase inspection missed it.

I paid them for their time and took the car away. They had quoted me, based on replacing the subframe, $2000-$5000. My heart sank. I just paid $10,000 for
this car, and now I have to deal with this kind of repair? Not impressed. After talking to some friends, we figured out a "temporary" fix that would/could/should
last longer than "temporary".

July 25/2019

Shop time.....

Lateral arm.

Alignment bolt, nut and washer; dealer only parts.

Mileage in/out.

Out with the old.

Front hole.

Rear hole.

The "temporary" fix.

Alignment specs.

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Last updated on July 25/2019

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