BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring)

May 23/2020

When I bought the CX-9 last year, the BSM had an issue; the dash BSM light was flashing, as well as the indicator in the right mirror. BSM is neat, but I really have no use for it, and to
replace any parts is expensive, so I need a cheap fix. I read online that others have unplugged one of  the rear sensors, but I found that it was very difficult to get at, so need a different
option. I decided the next best thing would be to unplug the indicator in the right mirror, as that was the most annoying part of this issue. I will deal with the dash indicator later, as it doesn't
seem to bother me as much..... for now.

Pop out the mirror.

I used this tool to release the connector.

There isn't a lock tab, but I couldn't just pull it out either.

Conneector folded back and shrink tubed to keep the connector clean.

June 21/2020

A simple way to make the flashing BSM light not annoy you.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

Last updated on June 21/2020

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