July 22/2020

MagnumBrakes cross drilled brake rotors (high carbon alloy).

Front and rear rotor.

Ceramicbrake pads.

Front and rear hardware, and e-brake shoes.

August 7/2020

August 8/2020


Left front done.

Right front done.

Turned around to do the rears.

Left front.

Right front.

Rear rotor vs front rotor; the rear is slightly larger diameter.

Left rear done.

Left rear.

Right rear.


One rear rotor was missing the e-brake adjuster plug, so I will have to get one..

The old e-brake shoes.

The old pads.

The old hardware.

Unused parts.

April 29/2023

For the past year or so, the brake pedal was lower than normal, but
the brakes worked fine. If you tap the pedal, it works at its regular height.
I did a brake booster test, but it was fine. Suspecting it could be the
master cylinder, I took it to Villa Automotive in Burnaby to do some
testing and they replaced the master cylinder. This did not fix the problem.

May 24/2023

I was in the hospital, so my dad took Betty to his mechanic. Minit-Tune
& Brake in Port Kells, where they diagnosed and replaced a bad ABS
module replaced. They also replaced a worn tie rod and did an alignment.

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