Center Console

August 3/2020

I want (my OCD wants) a separate and "out of the way" power source
for my air freshener, so here we go.....

The air freshener in question.

Console apart and cubby removed.

August 4/2020

Picked this up from Canadian Tire.

Power outlet mounted with double sided tape.

Hole drilled in the back for the wires to go through.

Hot glued the wire in place. There isn't much room behind the cubby,
so I ran the wire on top of it to be safe.

Glued a little piece of trunk carpet over the hole to clean it up.

November 17/2020

Wires connected to the stock power outlet.

Cubby back in place.

All back together

Smelling fresh.

March 3/2022

The power and audio plugs in the center console.

August 6/2022

I had the dash apart for another project, and noticed the shifter light was out.



August 20/2022

The shifter light is the only incandescent bulb left in the car, so might as well change it up.

Picked om some cheap #73 LED's.

Off / On.

Night shots.

Incandescent / LED.

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