Dash Cam

July 15/2019







April 1/2020

Finally got the wiring finished properly (ignition power for the dash cam and phone mount.

Picked up a couple of 12v-5v converters. Came up with this set-up, to be mounted beside the fuse panel behind the glovebox.

Been using this splitter cable; functional but not pretty,

Glovebox removed.

The mounting place, and the fuse to be "tapped"

Had to re-do the converters due to clearance issues.


All done.

April 1/2020

Realized that I never took images of the camera after moving it to the right side of the windshield.....

December 10/2023

Unable to connect via wifi or access menu; record light
flashing. The only way to access the menu is to reformat
the card (on PC), re-install firmware, then you can access
the menu one time.
Have a ticket in with VIOFO to see if there is any fix.

Also, the camera randomly errors and stops recording
until you power off/on. This caused me to not have a
recording that I wanted to have and save.

The memory card I have always used, with no issues.

December 19/2023

VIOFO had no ideas on how to fix the issues. It would $30US to
ship it to a repair depot, then pay for repairs, or $60US for
a new (probably refurbished) camera. I have a new camera
being shipped to me.

January 1/2024

The new camera. Works as it should.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know..... cbradley@telus.net

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