Footwell Lighting

Aug 28/2021

Red SM5050 LED strips and dimmer switch for accent lighting.

Daytime: dim/bright.

Nighttime: dim/bright.

Drivers side panel / passenger side panel.

Drivers side panel / passenger side panel.

September 10/2021

Decided to change directions.....

Going with a pair of RGBW LED strips for "accent" lighting and a pair of cool white LED strips for "dome light" lighting

RGBW Multicolor 5050SMD LED strips #DD2251 and RGBW Bluetooth controller #DD3066 from Diode Dynamics.



Powered up and testing the brightness.

March 6/2022

Cut length to 8".

Drivers side panel; adding the RGBW strip.

Passenger side panel and the RGBW strip.

SMD5050 cool white LED strips for the dome lighting.

Cutting down the cool white strips.

Needed another trim; cut length to 6".

Drivers side panel; adding the cool white strip.

Passenger side panel; both strips added.

Both panels with LED strips added.

Test of the RGBW strips

Test of the RGBW strips.

Test of the cool white strips.  

August 6/2022

I had to pull the dash apart for something else, so it was the perfect time to finish
off the accent lighting part of this project.

Got two 3' extensions to make the install easier.

Dash pulled apart. I tapped into the wire I used for an auxilliary 12v outlet which is ignition hot.

All done.

Night shot; red, at full brightness.

Around 20% brightness in the daylight.

August 20/2022

Dome light removed.

The hole and wiring.

Microphone removed and ready to work on.

Wires soldered to the dome light.

Wires routed, shrinked together and tied down. Wiring connector on as well.

Wiring harness done.

Final test.

Ready for install.

August 27/2022



Back in place.

September 3/2022

Had to re-stick the white strips, and finish up the wiring.


Right side revised.


Left side revised.

Wiring harness to connect the two sides together.

Final test and ready for install.

September 5/2022

Left side installed and tested.

Right side installed and tested.



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