LED Lighting (Interior)

September 20/2019

Door, Front, Left
194 / 2825 / T10 / W5W
Door, Front, Right
194 / 2825 / T10 / W5W
Tailgate DE3175 / 31MM FESTOON

Had these in my stash of parts; HP3 194's IN 5k pure white and SMF1 28mm festoon's in 6K cool white.

Passenger door; stock 194 bulb.

194 HP3.


February 15/2020

Front Row Dome
Second Row Dome
Third Row Dome (Cargo)

Ordered up some more LED's from Diode Dynamics to finish off the interior.

Stock bulbs, front row.

Stock bulbs, second row.

Stock bulbs, cargo area.

For the dome lights; 130 lumens.

Front dome light.

Second row.

Cargo area.

Video showing how the LED's flicker slightly when the door is closed.

Video showing how the LED's flicker slightly when the door is closed, but when you turn them on manually, the flickering stops.

For the visors; 16 lumens.

Right visor.

Left visor.

LED's, front row.

LED's, second row.

LED's, cargo area.

Stock vs LED, front row.

Stock vs LED, second row.

Stock vs LED, cargo area.

March 9/2020

I didn't order enough of these when I did the dome lights, so had to order up one more.

130 lumens.

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