LED Lighting (Signals)

September 20/2019

Front Signal
1156A / 1156NA
Rear Signal
3156A / 7440A / T20

Phase 1 of the LED conversion.

Front turn signal; stock.

New front signal; 1156 XP80 amber.

LED front signal done.

Rear signal.

Rear esignals; LED on left, stock bulb on the right. Had hyperflash. Fail!

September 29/2019

Hyperflash due to the LED's.

Picked up some decoders off e-Bay to get rid of the hyperflash.

3156 decoder for the front signals. Tested and work.

Left side                     /                     Right side.

3156 decoder for the rear signals.
These didn't get rid of the hyperflash. After checking with the supplier, turns out that they don't work on the CX-9.

October 12/2019

This is the solution, but I don't want to hack the wiring.


March 3/2020

JDM LED's with "anti-hyperflash".

March 20/2020


Test run on drivers side; the sun was very bright but you can see a noticeable difference with the LED bulb.

I installed the passenger side LED bulb, and upon testing, it worked fine, but quickly started hyperflashing. This took me back to the drivers side where I find it hyperflashing.
Turns out that when cold, they work fine, but after a few seconds of use (and build up of heat), they stat hyperflashing. Fail #2!

March 21/2020

Back to the Diode Dynamics LED's and will wire in load resistors for the rear circuit.

Tail lights removed.

How to connect the load resistors.

Left side; test run.

Left side; soldered, liquid taped and electrical taped.

Right side; soldered, liquid taped and electrical taped.

Left side done.

Right side done.


September 20/2020 install DD front and rear LED's. Had hyperflash. FAIL!
September 29/2019 install plug-n-play decoders. The front decoders got rid of the hyperflash in the front circuit, but the
rear decoders did not get rid of the hyperflash in the rear circuit. FAIL #2!
March 20/2020 installed JDM "no hyperflash" bulbs. When cold, I had no hyperflash, but as soon as they built up any
heat, they would start hyperflashing. FAIL #3!
March 21/2020 installed Diode Dynamics load resistors and LED bulbs. WORKING FINE!

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Last updated on March 21/2020

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