Bag of Craftsman C3 19.2V cordless tools that I've been accumulating.

1/2" impact wrench (200 ft/lb / 2400 in/lb / 0-3000rpm).

1/4" impact driver (125 ft/lb / 1500 in/lb / 3500rpm).

Max Axess auto ratchet (30 ft/lb / 360 in/lb / 225rpm).

Battery and charger.

My old Mastercraft driver.

Assorted adapters and such.

September 1/2016

Picked this up off Craigslist today.....



Vertical flashlight.


Laser level.

Assorted supplies.

Circular saw.

3/8" chuckless drill.

Reciprocating saw.

Charger and two batteries.

September 2/2016

The two different batteries.

September 22/2016

Picked up an LED light, on sale for $15.

1 watt LED, 180* pivoting head,

September 28/2016

  Handheld Inflator.

June 27/2017

Picked these up today. $20! I just want the jigsaw and the vacuum. The rest got given to a co-worker.


Vertical flashlight.


Handheld vacuum.

Charger and battery.

July 14/2017

Angle grinder.....


August 18/2017

LED light.....



August 25/2017



October 20/2017



November 6/2017

Angle drill.

December 5/2017

Corner sander.....

January 3/2018

Buffer and radio.....


March 1/2018


March 10/2018

Turned this battery charger into a voltmeter for the C3 batteries.

Moved one of the terminals, soldered some wires and put a connector on them.

2-wire voltemeter epoxied into place.

Board back in place.

Didn't consider the battery blocking part of the voltmeter. Too late now.

March 16/2018

Picked up pair of 4Ah batteries.

March 19/2018

Couldn't refuse getting a custom made LED light......


No light vs LED light.

March 21/2018


June 28/2018

Found this on Craigslist for $50.


Upgraded the hose and added a 90* fitting.

July 21/2018



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