Work Stand

I found that working on the RC was a pain (moving it around and around all the time), so I made up this stand to make wrenching a little easier.

I used some scrap 2" x 5/8" wood and an old
adjustable cable tie I had laying around.

I put these plastic furniture feet on the bottom
to help the stand slide around on the table.

The adjustable cable tie.

The RC showing off before the demonstration.

Place the truck on the stand.

Run the cable tie above the skid plate.

It is a little tricky to get it through.

Tighten the cable tie so the truck won't move.

Start stripping her down.

My first job with this stand was swapping out the stock plastic control arms
and steering for the better metal one's. The stand made it that much easier.

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Last updated on June 30/2009

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