Ashtray Switch Panel

Here's what you get when you want a discrete place to mount a few switches, and have an ashtray that isn't needed.

I couldn't find any small pieces of metal, so I used
a piece of my Bronco that I had lying around.

Cut out the straightest area.

I had already made a carboard template, so I traced it onto the metal
and cut it out. After a while of tweaking, here is the final shape.

Drill two holes to fasten the panel.

Mirror those two holes in the console.

I used a couple of 10-24 allen head screws.

Final test fit.

Final test fit.

I had to grind an 1/8" or so off stoppers; I should have put the
screws a little further up or found screws with a smaller head .

Switch holes cut and painted.

Switches installed; I got them from R.P. Electronics, #457-105-1.

All done.

Here is a scan of the template and the switch panel.

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Last updated on August 13/2006

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