C-Pillar Lights

One of the lenses was cracked, and both were very yellow from years of use. Here is my solution......

The light.

Remove the metal shield that goes around the bulb.

Remove the bulb.

Cut the four tabs that hold the white bracket.

Remove the bracket and the metal spring.

Cut the lens cover away fromt the bracket.

I used a Dremel.

Sand it smooth on the side.

And on the bottom.

Take a small piece of  lighting panel.

Put down a strip of masking tape, and trace the original lens.

Cut out the circle.

  After a few minutes with the Dremel and some sand paper.

Clean up the lens housing.

I put a few small dabs of clear silicone down to hold the lens in place.

Then used a dab of epoxy ontop of the four pegs that hold the bracket on, and clamped it together.

All done.

All done.

All done.

All done.

I tried putting a Piaa Xtreme white #1156 bulb in place of the original
#97 bulb, but it generated to much heat and melted the lens.

  These are Pilot #97 blue bulbs. So far, I am not overly excited about the colour.

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