Cup Holder

Early generation Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable cup-holder

These will fit the '89-'93 Thunderbirds.

This one has the # F0DB-5406202 on it.

  Take the trays out of the unit.

There are little tabs on top of the trays that will act as an outward stop when you pull them out. To get the
trays out, just pry a little to allow the tab to slide past the point where it usually hits the outer case.

You can usually get them out with a strong jerk outward.

  Remove the swing-arms that support the drink.

Leaving the swing-arms on will prevent this from working correctly.

Cut off the tab on the bottom of the coin/cup unit.

Before you put the cupholder tray in, there is a little trick to get some extra outward movement. Grind
down the little tab that would normally act as a stop on the coin tray. Put in a decent size screw,
but not to long as to hit the coin tray. Put the screw in the cupholder, about 1/2 to 1 inch from the
back edge. Don't set it flush; you want the screw head sticking up a bit so that when you pull the
cupholder out it will hit the crossbar and act as the stop, preventing the tray from coming all the way
out. Doing this will allow the cupholder to pull out further and drinks will sit at a right angle instead
of canted. If you don't add this, they will not sit straight enough not to hit the climate control also.
* In the above picture, I have the screws removed*

Make sure the wiring and connectors in behind the DIN opening are out of the way.

Put the trays in the reverse position.

The coin tray goes on the bottom.

The cupholder goes on top.

All done.

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Last updated on July 19/2006

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