LED Trunk Light

The stock trunk light doesn't illumintae the trunk all that well, so I picked up a pair of 12" White LED accent lights. I also wanted
them to come on only when the trunk was open, so I had to tap into the factory trunk light circuit. Here is how I did it.

First, unplug and remove the factory trunk light and open the plastic case, exposing the mercury switch.

Get a short piece of wire, crimp a female connector that
will fit on the brass terminal of the factory piece.

The wire will now prevent you from putting the case back together.

Notch the one side of the case to clear the wire.

Snap the case back together and crimp on your choice
of connectors to attach to your auxillary light wiring.

Left LED light.

Right LED light.

I just ran the wire up over the right trunk hinge.

From there I just followed the other wires going int othe trunk lid.

All done.

Now I have a nicely lit trunk.


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Last updated on January 20/2007

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