Window Motor Repair

A few weeks ago when I went to put the left window up, it stopped about half way. I could hear the motor turning, but the
glass wasn't moving, but if I helped it by lifting the glass by hand, I could get the window closed. I figured that the gear plugs
were toast, as this is a common issue with these motors. I picked up a repair kit during the week, and decided to get this
minor problem fixed up over the weekend.

I didn't take any pictures of the regulator removal or install, but it is pretty straight forward.....

Remove the door panel, remove the plastic on the door panel and unplug the window motor. If your regulator assembly has never
been out, drill the OE rivets (I had to), remove the two nuts holding the equalizer bracket to the door, remove the two nuts that
hold the glass to the stabilizer assembly and remove regulator assembly from the door.

Take the regulator assembly to bench, mark regulator where arm is, remove the three bolts holding the motor to regulator. Watch
the spring tension....I almost got away but it knicked my thumb when it snapped shut. If you are aware of it, you can safely control
it with your hand.

To put the motor back on the regulator, first lube the regulator with grease, hold the regulator arm in the correct position and put a
screwdriver in the hole (this will hold the regulator arm in where the mark is) and re-install the motor to the regulator.

The install......

Slide regulator assembly into the door, re-install the two nuts that hold the glass to the stabilizer assembly, line up the mounting holes
in the regulator to the holes in the door and fasten accordingly (I used nuts 'n bolts), re-install the equalizer bracket to the door. Test
the window to make sure it works properly, re-install plastic and re-install door panel. Test the window one last time.

I figured this is what it would look like; the gear plugs were totally chewed up.

The inexpensive repair.

Old and new.

All fixed.

Amazing how much they deteriorated.


If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

Last updated on Augusy 30/2009

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