Seat Swap

September 16/2017

I've been wanting to upgrade the seats for quite some time as they are so uncomfortable. I stumbled across and ad on Craigslist for a 2004 GTP being parted out.
A couple days later I had some very nice charcoal leater seats.

power, heated, lumbar
60/40 folding


* The front seats are a direct bolt-in.

* The electrical plug will need to be swapped from the old drivers seat to the new drivers seat.

* The seatbelt buckles will need to be swapped from the old seats to the new seats.
The new buckle will work with the old tongue, but you have
to wiggle the tongue to lock it into the buckle. And when you
release the seatbelt, the tongue doesn't pop out like it should.

* The rear seats are not a direct bolt-in.
Four holes need to be drilled for the back
The mounting holes need to be opened up for the seat

* The '04+ seats are much firmer and way more supportive.

* One downside: you sit about an inch higher.

Here is a more detailed write-up on GTPWorld.

The plug in the car.

The plug on the original seat.

The old drivers seat is power only, no heat. The new drivers seat is heated, but I didn't hook that part up (I'd be happy with a manual drivers seat).
My old passenger seat is manual, as is the new seat, so no wiring is involved.

The plugs on the drivers seats were different, so I cut the plug off my old seat, cut the 4 wires needed from the new seats plug and soldered the
wires together, giving the new seat an old plug.

OE Seat Plug

'04 Seat Plug

Orange (large) --> A
Orange (large) Fused Battery
--> G
--> C
Fused Battery
Black w/White
--> H
Black w/White
Seat Belt Switch Input

2002_GP_GT_C311_Connector / 2004_GP_GTP_C311_Connector


Fronts installed.

Found $3.65 under the seats.

September 20/2017

Removing the seatbelt buckles.....

13mm bolt on the passenger side.

15mm nut on the drivers side. I couldn't get the pins out of the electrical plug, so I cut the wire.

September 22/2017

  Had the drivers seat repaired by New Creations.

September 23/2017

Alignment tab and 15mm nut.








Alignment tab and 15mm nut.



The seatbelt buckles sit about 2" higher than they need to be, which makes the seatbelt sit in the wrong position when driving.

This method is wrong, so don't do it. See below for the proper way to attach the old seatbelt buckles to the new seat.

September 28/2017

Got a net for the back of the front passenger seat.

October 8/2017

Re-mounted the seatbelt buckles to get them sitting where they need to be.....

Passenger side.

Drill a 1/4" hole for this tab.

  The old buckle doesn't have the right bends, angles and curves, so you have to use some force to get it into place.
I also manhandled the plastic part, putting some more "curve" to it to help it sit in place better.

Drivers side.

Drill a 1/4" hole for the tab.

Forced into place.

The fronts are now finally done.

June 2/2018

Doing some clean up around the house, and came across the seat belt buckles; put 12v to one to see what happens.....

Collapses quite a bit.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

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