Phone Mount

August 3/2019

Kuda mounting base, part #084385.



Fix2Car phone cradle that was in my Grand Prix.

Pry trim off.

Why is this tab like this?

August 7/2019

I had e-mailed Kuda to confirm that the tab has to be bent. I got a phone call from them, and was told that the tab did have to be bent, and the tab on the backside can be bent more if needed.
Note: I didn't read the instructions properly, as they do say "bend netal plates".
Thanks to KudaUSA for calling me and getting me taken care of.





Finally my phone has it's place in the car.

April 1/2020

Finally got the wiring finished properly (ignition power for the dash cam and phone mount.

Picked up a couple of 12v-5v converters. Came up with this set-up, to be mounted beside the fuse panel behind the glovebox.

Been using this splitter cable; functional but not pretty,

Glovebox removed.

The mounting place, and the fuse to be "tapped"

Had to re-do the converters due to clearance issues.

Mounted and tapped.

All done.

The cable is gently "pinched" in place by the glovebox. Not sure what else to do with it.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or see any errors, please let me know.....

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