Fuel Door

July 7/2019

When I bought the CX-9, the previous owner mentioned how the fuel door was broken, and he just used a credit card when he had to open it. This must be fixed!

My seized fuel door release.

May 10/2019

What the release mechanism looks like.


Interior Trim Locations.
Interior Trim Removal Steps.
Interior Trim: Fig70 - Identifying Trunk Box
With Clips.
Interior Trim: Fig.71 - Identifying Seat SideBox
With Clips And Tabs.

Video by eTrailer showing how to remove the rear interior panels.

Quarter panel and components.

May 13/2020

First time using my new tool caddy.

Remove the cargo liner and clean out the trunk box.

Remove the two plastic push-pins.

Lift and remove the trunk box.

Lift and remove the side corner trim.

Lift and remove the subwoofer (6x 10mm nuts).

Lots of space now.

Remove the 4 cargo tie downs (4x 10mm nuts).

Lift and remove the end trim.

General image.

Saw this tucked  in the corner. I always want one.   LOL

And now we can see the release mechanism.

Remove the 14mm nut holding the mechanism in place.

The release mechanism.

Remove the return spring.

Pry the two ears enough to loosen the nut so it can slide out.

This is as far as it could go; the end of the nut had a teeny tiny amount
of corrosion on it which stopped the plastic piece from doong its job.

A light cleaning with a 3/16" drill bit did the job.

Testing the release mechanism.

Release mechanism back in place and tested.

Final test.

All done.

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