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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Chris and I live in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada. In January of 2004 I decided that my Bronco was no longer suitable for commuting, and a more economical "daily driver" was needed. Those that know me new that I wasn't going to settle for just any old car, and after searching the Buy & Sell for a few weeks I stumbled across the Thunderbird. She had a blown head gasket, but other than that she was in pretty good shape. After one week, I had the car at work and spent the next six weekends getting her back in running condition. To this day, I am happy with my decision; she gets 21+ mpg (beats 10 mpg in the Bronco), and is comfortable and fun to drive.
Anyways, this site will be all about my Thunderbird SC and maybe even some other stuff. Check back regularly as things will always be changing.

February 13/11
Doing some spring cleaning and have some parts to get rid of.
June 9/10
I was involved in an accident today and Super Blue is a write-off.
August 29/09
Repaired the slop in my wiper linkage.
August 29/09
Repaired the left window motor.
March 29/09 Installed a SCP Cold Air Intake, and a new TV cable bushing.
March 22/09
I was bored, so I did the "Power Seat Modification"
March 4/09
The engine swap is complete.
February 21/09 Finally got started on my engine swap.
October 12/08
My harmonic balancer grenaded.

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