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August 30 @
Norrish Creek
Put the left rock slider to good use on 6' under.

Also tagged the left rear quarter panel.

And the right rear quarter panel.

Coming up Can-Opener, I got to close to some brush, and there
was a large stump hiding within.

Luckily Indir saw it and told me to stop before major damage occured.

I also had an electrical gremlin that took out my headlights, Rancho
compressor, volt-meter, auxillary power outlets and turn signals. I also
lost the left marker light and the right brake light.

June 27- June 30
@ the Whipsaw
I was going through a rather deep water hole, filled with snow and ice, but on the third
attempt to get out, all the snow and ice built up under the front of the Bronco and
pushed the lower radiator hose into the fan blade.

I tried some special "radiator repair tape" that I had, but it wouldn't hold.

Luckily Ryan had a spare "uni-hose" and Tim had an extra hose clamp, and I booty-fabbed
a hose. It got me going and made the rest of the trip much more enjoyable.

May 24
@ Harrison West
Grenaded another axle joint. At least it was theleft side this time.
March 21
@ Harrison West
I tagged the rock at the start of the Weaver/Francis traverse.

A combination of the flexing and twisting from yeasrs of
wheeling and rust caused some new rattles on this trip.

Guess it's time to do some more bodywork.

January 29
@ Eagle Ridge
The hubs were locked in for about 30 seconds when the right front axle shafts broke.
December 1
@ Hut Lakes
Tagged a stump with my passenger door.

Blew the bead on the the right rear while winching; to much side load.

November 10
@ Norrish Creek
Broke my right rear tail light.
August 30
in my driveway
I was doing a visual inspcection on the Bronco and noticed three
cracks in the right frame rail, and two cracks in the left rail.
May 20
@ Harrison West
Near the end of the day, I started hearing a lout "clanking" coming
from under the truck. After a quick inspection, we found that the right
front caliper hardware had broken and fell out, leaving the just bolt in place.
I swapped in the spare that I carry, and continued on.

No Picture Available
May 12
@ Norrish Creek
The u-joint broke and took out the ears off the right front axle shafts.

The impact pushed the the upper ball joint up, about 1/16".
I drove on it like this for the rest of the day. Upon changing the
ball joint, I found the pre-load collar was broken in four pieces.

April 6
@ Harrison East
Had to get a tow home.

Exhaust pipe rotted out and the hanger let go.

Crack #1.

Crack #2.

Crack #3.

Steering arm stud broke.

My front ARB line tore off (repaired on the trail).

My rear axle hit the OBA tank and broke the ARB fitting.

It broke the fitting flush off.

The impact was hard enough to break the welds of
the (rusted) mount for the OBA tank.

Indir broke his right front shock mount.

It tore the bottom of the frame.

Doug smashed his rear canopy window.

No Picture Available
April 1
@ Harrison West
The front seat mount broke on the way our of HaleCreek.
March 24
on the way to work
My tail-pipe rusted away and fell off on the way to work.

I just hope it didn't hit anybody!

January 28
on my way to work
8 of the 10 ring gear bolts came out on the D44.

November 12
@ Hut Lakes
Ian gently placed his CJ on its side.

I sliced a tire at the top of the waterfall.

October 22
@ Skwellepil Creek
Doug got hi-centred on a rock.

He took out his front driveshaft.

His front bumper also took a beating.

September 11
@ Norrish Creek
Tagged the left rocker under the door.

Tagged the right rocker under the door.

Hit a rock and out a hole in the fuel tank.

  Indir had a scuffle with a tree.

August 26
@ Wilson Lake
No pictures, but Doug lost the right front brake caliper slider.
May 19
@ Eagle Ridge
Tagged the right rocker behind the door.

A tree stole part of my ventvisor.

March 19
@ Lost Creek
The right axle joint tossed a cap.

December 17
@ Norrish Creek
  Doug pounded the front driveshaft into the transfercase.

It was an expensive trip home.

At least he blew it up good!

July 10
@ Harrison West
  Doug had the whole left knuckles come off.


It couldn't have happened in a better spot!

October 3
@ Harrison West
Tree ding on the left front fender.

Tree ding on the right front fender.

Tree ding on the right rear fender.

September 5
@ Norrish Creek
Yasu had his TJ role away on the start of Can-Opener.
Luckily Pete's truck was there to stop it.

Pete twisted his rear driveshaft.

I tagged the right rocker.


December 21
@ Eagle Ridge
The right rear axle shaft broke.

Rubbed the right front fender on a tree.

November 23
@ Chehalis
Doug tried going around me and he slid his
rear bumper into my right rear rocker.
September 14
@ Harrison West
Slid off a rock and hit the right rocker.

A tree branch hit the right headlight, moving the whole bucket.

February 2
@ Norrish Creek
Hit the left rear rocker on a log pile.

I have no idea how that hole got there.

Doug hit his right rear rocker.

And his muffler feell off.

And tagged his left rear rocker.

A tree branch wedged between Doug's left rocker and slider.

September 8
@ Herling Island
Grumpy made a wrong turn and sunk his CJ.

June 2
@ Lower Hut Lake
I swear, it's not what it looks like. Jamie and Doug are getting
a ratchet strap around Jamie's broken left motor mount.
March 31
@ Mamquam FSR
Doug gave Kristian a tug and bent Kristian's front bumper.

September 2
@ Stave Lake West
I hydrolocked my motor.

A bit to much mud got in there.

Bent a rod.

July 15
@ Mamquam FSR
Broke the right front fender flare.

Hit the right auzillary back-up light.

Dented the right rear fender.

Dented the left rear fender.

Got a gash in the right rear tire.


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