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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Chris and I live in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada. In June 2010 my 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC (aka Super Blue) was written off. I looked at a few T-Bird's that were for sale, but they were pretty junky, so I considered different makes and models of vehicles; I also wanted to get away from running hi octane fuel to keep operating costs down. After cruising the 4-sale ads for a few days, the 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix's caught my attention. They were sporty looking, came with lots of bells and whistle's, and got 10-15% better fuel economy than the T-Bird's. They also came in supercharged form, but after driving a few, I decided that I just didn't need that in my life at this time. After a few weeks of searching and test driving, I found a nice 8 year old Grand Prix GT and decided to bring her home. After just less than one week of use, I am very happy with my decision. The car is comfortable and fun to drive.

And if you are new to my world on the web, this site will be all about my Grand Prix and maybe even some other stuff. Check back regularly as things will always be changing.

October 20/18 Replaced the connector to the shift interlock solenoid.
May 5/18 Replaced the right front ABS plug/harness.
May 5/18 Snow tires off, summer tires on.
April 21/18 Changed some things on the fuel filler door.
April 1/18 CEL came on today; P0113.
March 31/18 Replaced the wiper pulse module.
March 31/18 Replaced the air filter.
March 17/18 Installed a new dash camera.
March 17/18 CEL came on today; P0442.
December 30/17 Replaced the left front door lock switch.
December 16/17 Replaced a second flickering dash cluster LED.
December 9/17 Replaced a flickering dash cluster LED.
September 16/17 Got some new seats; installed the fronts.
August 26/17 Changed the washer pump and cabin filter.
August 21/17 Had to replace a dead battery.
August 19/17 Tune-up time, and rotated the dog-bones.
July 16/17 Installed a fire extinguisher.
June 17/17 Made the HuMount stereo plate light up.
June 6/17 Installed a second LED trunk light.
May 28/17 Installed some center cap overlays.
May 21/17 Replaced the left front wheel bearing.
May 20/17 Installed new rear speakers.
May 11/17 Finished the door panel lights.
May 7/17 Installed some different front speakers.
May 7/17 Replaced the left front ABS wiring harness.
May 7/17 Replaced the right front wheel bearing.
April 30/17 Installed some proto-type fog light spacers.
April 30/17 Removed the snow tires.
July 20/10 The Grand Prix comes home.


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