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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Chris and I live in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada.

If you are new to my world on the web, this site will be all about my Mazda CX-9.
Check back regularly as things will always be changing.

July 2/2021 Installed hood struts.
May 14/2021 Repaired a broken rear A/C vent.
December 10/2020 Had lowering coils intalled.
November 28/2020 Replaced a flickering reverse light.
November 17/2020 Added a power outlet in the center console.
July 22/2020 Painted the tail lights.
July 22/2020 Changed the brakes.
June 18/2020 Had to get the A/C recharged.
June 11/2020 Got rid of some chrome.
May 27/2020 Finished the "temporary" DRL bypass.
May 13/2020 Fixed the flashing BSM light.
May 13/2020 Repaired my inoperative fuel door release.
May 11/2020 Had to tweak the low beam bulbs, then re-polished the lenses.
May 10/2020 Installed some new low beam bulbs.
April 24/2020 Installed a new battery.
April 13/2020 Installed some mud guards.
April 10/2020 Installed and LED strip in the cargo area.
April 1/2020 Finished the power wiring for the dash cam and phone mount.
March 22/2020 Installed LED foglight bulbs.
March 21/2020 Got another step done in repairing the power liftgate.
March 21/2020 Finally finished changing the rear signals to LED.
March 20/2020 Removed the factory roof rack.
February 21/2020 Got some new wheels.
February 16/2020 Did a quick tweak to the rear license plate frame.
February 16/2020 Installed a new cabin filter.
February 16/2020 Installed a new engine air filter.
February 15/2020 Replaced more of the interior bulbs with LED's.
February 9/2020 Installed a set of window visors.
February 9/2020 Installed a new park brake pedal pad.
February 8/2020 Fixed the "foglights on with ignition power" wiring.
November 13/2019 Installed a license plate spacer.
November 4/2019 Repaired the damaged power liftgate.
October 14/2019 Replaced the license plate light bulbs with LED's.
October 13/2019 Installed a cargo liner.
September 29/2019 Had an issue with the power liftgate.
September 21/2019 Did the "foglights on with ignition power" mod.
September 20/2019
September 20/2019 Replaced some of the interior bulbs with LED's.
August 31/2019 Had remote start installed.
August 23/2019 Installed front floor liners.
August 16/19 Adjusted the parking brake.
August 13/2019 Fixed the exhaust.
August 3/2019
Installed a new phone mount.
July 29/2019
Polished the headlights.
July 25/2019
Had an alignment done.
July 23/2019 Removed the seized extension from the hitch.
July 20/2019
Installed my radar detector.
July 15/2019
New car, new dash cam.
July 11/2019
Got new tires.
July 10/2019
Installed new wiper blades.
July 10/2019
Installed a license plate frame.
July 8/2019
Changed the battery in one of the SmartKey's.
July 8/2019
Installed some convex mirrors.
July 6/2019 Installed my cargo organizer.
July 6/2019 The CX-9 comes home.


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